The Canadians Care campaign is a national fundraising initiative to raise $4 million in total (breakdown below) for CARE Canada’s international development and emergency response activities. 

Led by co-chairs Hon. John P. Manley and Douglas Stollery, the campaign team is made up of Canadians who share CARE Canada’s commitment to tackling the underlying causes of poverty and bringing lasting change to the lives of vulnerable people worldwide. Read our Case for Support (PDF)


As part of the Canadians Care campaign, CARE Canada is seeking to raise:

$1.5 million for nutrition and economic opportunities in Bolivia, Ethiopia, Ghana and Mali

Bolivia – CARE’s Tukuy Yanapana project works with local municipalities to boost the profitability of small businesses so families can enjoy better incomes for years to come. Learn more

Ethiopia – CARE’s Abdishe project in Ethiopia seeks to help women and their families develop the financial means to afford a healthy and nutritious diet. Learn more

Ghana  CARE’s PROMISE project in Northern Ghana aims to empower women to take a stronger role in promoting better nutrition in their household and community. Learn more

Mali  CARE is partnering with communities in Mali to develop a long-term, sustainable supply of healthy food through the IFONS project. The goal is to ensure both women and men have equal access to food and better nutrition. Learn more

$500,000 for life-saving emergency assistance activities

Learn more about CARE’s emergency response fund

RAISED! We've successfully raised $2 million to improve maternal, newborn and child health in Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania and Zimbabwe - all thanks to your generous support!

Click here for more information on CARE’s work in maternal, newborn and child health.


Hon. John P. Manley, campaign co-chair 
Ottawa, Ontario

Michael Kontak
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Doug Stollery, campaign co-chair
Edmonton, Alberta

Sean McBurney
Calgary, Alberta

Andrew Bentley
Toronto, Ontario

Stephen Menon
Toronto, Ontario

Denis Desautels
Ottawa, Ontario

Hillary Pearson
Westmount, Quebec

Paul Drager
Calgary, Alberta

Susan Smith
Toronto, Ontario

Laura Edwards
Vancouver, British Columbia

Chris Snyder
Toronto, Ontario

Scott Graham
Edmonton, Alberta

Victor Thomas
Regina, Saskatchewan

To learn more about the many ways you can support this campaign, contact:


Sylvie Madely
Vice-President of Fundraising, Marketing and Communications, CARE Canada


Christine Parsons
Manager, Regional Development, CARE Canada


Liz Burgess
Manager, Regional Development, CARE Canada


Ulrike Thomas
Manager, Regional Development, CARE Canada


‘We’re Global Citizens Now More Than Ever’
Sylvie Madely, CARE Canada’s vice president of fundraising, marketing and communications (in above photo), travelled to Ethiopia in late 2014 with Douglas Stollery, the co-chair of our Canadians Care campaign. Together, they visited CARE Canada’s maternal and child health and food and nutrition projects funded by the Government of Canada and our wonderful donors. We asked Sylvie a few questions about this experience. Read more.


Giving Back: Retired lawyer helps to fill ‘huge need’ with CARE Canada
“I think [CARE] is one of the leading development organizations in the world. ... These projects will help, hopefully, to change lives forever,” campaign co-chair Douglas Stollery spoke to the Globe and Mail. Read the article (external link).



 Video: Douglas Stollery, president of the Stollery Charitable Foundation, travelled to Ethiopia to visit the project the Foundation is supporting through the Canadians Care campaign.






CARE Canada Receives $500,000 Donation for Canadians Care Campaign
CARE Canada is thrilled to announce it has received a $500,000 donation from the Stollery Charitable Foundation towards its Canadians Care campaign. Read more.




CARE Canada Launches New Canadians Care Campaign
CARE Canada is delighted to launch a new fundraising campaign that will galvanize Canadians who care about supporting international development and humanitarian efforts. Read more.