Changing the world with a gift in your will

Since World War II, CARE has provided aid and encouragement to families and communities fleeing disaster, poverty and war. Through a gift in your will, you can continue that legacy of care.

Your gift will ensure women and girls have the education and support they need to lift their families out of poverty, better their communities, and achieve their dreams for the future. The impact of your investment will create a powerful ripple effect for generations to come.

Just hearing the name CARE brings so many memories flooding back to me. As a girl in Germany I was thrilled to be the recipient of a CARE Package sent from overseas. I can still smell the good soap and taste the sweet peppermint on my tongue. That kindness inspired me to work in humanitarian aid as a result - and to leave a legacy gift to CARE in my will. I feel like I am closing the circle; from that young child in need to an empowered woman making a difference for others. That's how I want to be remembered.

Barbara C.