Changing the world through your legacy gift

Since World War II, CARE has provided aid, encouragement and support to families and communities fleeing disaster, poverty and war.

Your belief that all people deserve to live in dignity and security can live on.

You can make a gender-just future, a global world where women and girls lead too, where inequality and injustice is overcome, a part of your legacy.

Your future gift will continue to support and empower women and girls in developing countries life themselves and their families out of poverty and crisis.

Priyanka is the president of a girls club at her school in Thumuhawa Piparahawa, Nepal. Photo: Carey Wagner/CARE
Sixteen-year-old Priyanka Harijan holds her school books in her home. Photo: Carey Wagner/CARE

Girls who dream of a future where they can lead too—where they have a voice and can positively impact their communities—a dream your planned gift can make come true.

A planned gift to CARE Canada shows your indisputable commitment to saving lives, defeating poverty and achieving social justice around the world.

During this unprecedented time globally, we know that our supporters and those who share our passion for our mission are being immeasurably impacted by the pandemic, as are our staff, partners and those we serve in 100 countries.  We are so appreciative of our donors who have been reaching out to discuss their legacy, and how their legacy hopes will be highlighted through a future gift in their Will to CARE Canada.

Karen's story

While I was fortunate enough to be raised by an upper middle class family in Montreal, I’ve known the struggle of making ends meet as an adult.

It’s a powerless feeling: to realize you don’t have options, and you don’t know how you’ll survive. I’ve been there—and I’ve also been lucky enough to experience the incredible difference it makes when people come together to support someone in those times of need.

My partner, Grant, and I are retired market farmers. Living on a small island in the Yukon, we sold the produce we grow to cover our daily expenses. It wasn’t a very profitable venture, of course. But it was enough to keep a roof over our heads.

Then one day, everything changed. A fire burned through half our greenhouse, ruining almost all our young crops and small tools. I learned first-hand that disaster strikes suddenly—and can cause a lot of devastation in a short period of time.

"I believe that together, we can effect a marked change in social justice. People all over the world have struggled for generation after generation to realize that dream. I believe we have to keep working at it, and the gift in my will is one way for me to do that. Every generation must keep pushing forward and make progress.”


All I could think was, “What now?” I never expected what came next: our wonderful community stunned us by pooling their money together so we could afford to replace our greenhouse and buy new tools.

I was so humbled and touched by their generosity! That’s the power of community to help people get back on their feet. It’s the same way I feel about the monthly donations Grant and I now make to CARE Canada… And it’s the reason I’ve chosen to leave them a gift in my will. I know my gift will give young women the helping hand they need when everything else seems hopeless.

It won’t be a large amount—but every little bit makes a difference. I know that other caring people have made the same choice as me, and I’m excited for what we can accomplish together, beyond my own lifetime. I can’t imagine a better legacy to leave behind.

A head shot of Zeinab Omer, CARE Canada's Senior Coordinator, Philanthropy.

If a legacy of fighting poverty and injustice around the globe inspires you, connect with:

Zeinab Omer, Senior Coordinator, Philanthropy  |  647-914-2156