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Archive for January 2019

5 Movies on Netflix that will teach you more about the world

There is so much going on in the world sometimes it feels like you are only getting a taste of what all the issues are. That’s why we found five great documentaries (that you can watch on Netflix right now!) that delve deeper into just a few of these global issues. So grab some popcorn…

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Five books to crack your brain open to new perspectives

In a time when social media consumes so much of our eyeballs, we’re here to suggest some good old-fashioned ways to get informed and to experience new perspectives on togetherness and ending inequality. Here are five books that are sure to crack your brain open to new perspectives. Flip that page! Always Another Country, Sisonke…

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5 Reasons to March On Saturday

By Andrea Crosley, March on Ottawa Andrea Crosley currently lends her energy to several worthy Ottawa business ventures, and outstanding organizations like CARE Canada, and March On Canada/Ottawa. She is on the Women’s March Organizing Committee for the third year. She believes that the only way to overcome inequality is to build understanding and connection.  …

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Hungry for change: Women entrepreneurs in the West Bank

Walking up the steps to a small concrete building nestled amidst oak and cypress trees, it’s hard to believe that this is the site of such a big and important operation. A childcare centre next door fills the air with children’s laughter and I find myself breaking into a smile. We’re in Al Shyoukh, Hebron, in the West Bank…

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15 Minutes on Why We March

Episode Transcript Kasia Souchen: 00:01 Hello and welcome to 15 minutes to change the world. Where in 15 minutes. You can learn a bit more about the world and how you can help change it. My name is Kasia Souchen at CARE Canada and the host of this podcast. CARE fights poverty by empowering women…

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Ideas for the best solidarity messages to fight inequality

Marches at Ottawa's Walk In Her Shoes event in 2017. Darcy Knoll/CARE

On January 19th, millions of people around the world will band together for equality during the Women’s March. We all have our individual reasons to march, but the important things is that we march together,we  support each other and we amplify each other’s voices to end inequality. As you pull out your poster board and…

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Six women who inspired us In 2018

Yes, we’re making another one of these lists because who doesn’t want to be inspired ONE MORE TIME? We could read about these change-makers over and over. Here are six brave and brilliant women who are bringing us together to end inequality: The pioneering lawmaker continues to inspire. Not only are we excited to see…

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