Looking back on March

March4Women 2020

For CARE, March is a time to celebrate, to inspire each other on to greater things, to paint a more vivid picture of how we would all benefit from a world more equal.

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Coming together, one meter apart

I wake up every morning in a bed by myself while my partner sleeps in the other room. I wipe down surfaces three or more times a day and wash my hands constantly.

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She Leads: Diversity and Inclusion

We talk with Hadiya Roderique, lawyer, writer, and advocate about inclusion and diversity in the workplace, and how to challenge systems to support a more inclusive workplace and society.

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Donate now to help fight COVID-19

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic affects us all. It will have unthinkable consequences in the places CARE is already delivering lifesaving aid—places where health care systems are already weak, and where disaster and conflict have wiped out long-term food supplies. In these communities, there are far too many vulnerable people and too few resources to fight a deadly virus like COVID-19.

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How you can be pandemic prepared

There is a new item at the top of the global to-do list: stopping the spread of this virus a.k.a flattening the curve. Because we know we all can do our part, we put together a reminder of the of small, but instrumental actions you can take to help.

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Why March4Women matters more than ever

Burundi Suffering in Silence

There is no doubt that these unprecedented times will take the greatest toll on the most vulnerable around the world. Once again, women will face unique challenges during this emergency–not just here in Canada but in countries across the globe.

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