Special Edition: 15 Minutes with Canadian Policy Maker Heather McPherson

CARE Canada's 15 Minutes to Change the World podcast is available on Spotify, iTune and on care.ca/podcast

In three special edition episodes of the podcast, CARE Canada’s President and CEO Barbara Grantham speaks with different Canadian policy makers from different political parties to speak about Canadian international assistance: why helping the world helps Canada, what we’re doing and what we can do better, and the way forward.

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CARE Canada Statement on Budget 2021: Canada will not recover unless the world recovers

Today the Government of Canada presented its plan to end the fight against COVID-19. It announced $375 Million towards the global pandemic response with $1.4 Billion in additional international assistance over 5 years. Much of the $1.4 billion is targeted for this year, with no indication of a long-term strategy to truly eradicate COVID-19 around the world or ensure a just and transformative recovery for the most marginalized around the world.

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