Risk of Lake Manchar bursting its banks threatens lives and livelihoods of vulnerable communities in Pakistan



“Water levels at Lake Manchar in Sindh province are dangerously high, and although officials deliberately breached the lake to try and protect more densely populated areas further downstream, there’s still a very real risk that the lake will burst its banks, threatening the lives and livelihoods of huge numbers of people. Sindh province is one of the most food insecure in the country, so CARE is very concerned about the implications of this latest threat on vulnerable groups, including women and children. Already, 33 million people in Pakistan have been affected by these monstrous floods that have taken the lives of more than 1300 people. The floods come only a few months after people in Pakistan had to cope with deadly heat waves. This adds to a global picture of widespread climate disruptions. Pakistan contributes less than 1% of the global emissions but is now at the receiving end of climate change. It’s only fair that countries with high per-capita emissions drastically step up their efforts in supporting emergency measures to address this growing loss and damage.”

CARE is supporting flood-affected communities in Pakistan by providing shelter kits, which include tarpaulins and rope, kits with everyday essentials including sanitary items, toothbrushes/paste, underwear, towels, soap, water purification tablets, cooking pots, cups, plates, jerry cans and mosquito nets. CARE is also providing emergency latrine kits.

We plan to scale up humanitarian relief activities focusing on shelter, relief items, food security, water, sanitation and hygiene, education, nutrition, health, gender and protection.


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