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Photo essay

Annie Murphy’s visit to Jordan in photos

Earlier this fall CARE Canada Ambassador Annie Murphy traveled to Jordan with her mother. They met many girls and women whose stories of survival were both unimaginable and inspiring. See the story of their travels in photos.

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Photo essay: Women farmers around the world

Photo essay: Women farmers around the world Women produce half of the world’s food, yet they’re often lacking the same access to resources—like tools, knowledge, access to markets—that men have. When you support women farmers around the world, you’re not only improving their lives, but the lives of their families and communities for generations to…

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CARE package through the years

May 11th marks the anniversary of the day the first CARE package was ever delivered. So we’re are looking back at where it all began and how far we have come.

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In photos: Cyclone Idai strikes Mozambique

On March 14, Cyclone Idai struck the coast of Mozambique near the city of Beira, bringing winds exceeding 175 km/h, torrential rains and flooding.

Photographer Josh Estey joined CARE’s team in the affected region days after the storm. Below are a few photos of the impact and survivors.

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Suffering in Silence : 5 Most Under-reported Humanitarian Crises of 2018

Ethiopia - Josh Estey/CARE

When a major natural disaster or conflict breaks out, it usually grabs the world’s attention. While these large scale emergencies might dominate the headlines, there are many others happening around the world which barely make the news. Here is our list of the five most under-reported humanitarian crises of 2018:

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Photo essay: Back to school around the world

For children in most countries around the globe, the month of September means back to school. It’s the time of the year that children of all ages, being naturally hungry to learn, are excited to see their old classmates and meet their new teachers. But going to school is not easy for everyone. In times…

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