Despite there being more than enough food in the world to feed us all, 3 billion people don't eat enough nutritious food to stay healthy. On top of this, climate change is increasing droughts, floods and other severe weather making growing good food more difficult. In all of this, women are often the first ones to begin working in the field on the crops but the last ones to eat.

We work with communities to help ensure that women's contributions to food production are recognized, to help them sell their food to earn an income, to help them grow better crops, and to remove any laws or policies that act as barriers.


Savings Groups

Village savings and loan groups bring women together to save and loan money. Members, usually about 20 women, each contribute a small amount to the group savings every month. Loans are made from this pot so that members can grow a business, send their children to school or purchase food for her family. The interest they pay helps grow the pool and the members' success.



We work with communities to establish climate–resilient farming techniques that ensure crops can withstand natural disasters and extreme weather changes.



We partner with communities to ensure programs are designed to meet their specific needs.