Employee Engagement

Corporations can support CARE’s work and create a better workplace environment by encouraging employees to contribute their time, money, and expertise to support our fight against global poverty. Employee engagement helps enrich employee’s experience as demonstrated by increased morale, productivity, retention and enhanced professional skills.

CARE will work with your company to identify unique opportunities for employees to connect to CARE’s mission while supporting your social responsibility strategy.

Foster Global Citizenship

Partnering with CARE Canada enhances employee engagement, building a sense of social responsibility and global citizenship among employees.

Opportunities may include on-site events such as lunch-and-learn programs, learning workshops, gender equity and diversity training for the workplace, or screenings of the ‘Girl Rising’ film for employees. Off-site or on-site opportunities include participation in CARE’s signature events such as Walk in Her Shoes and programs which leverage employee skills through volunteerism and expertise sharing.

Workplace Giving

Give your employees the opportunity to give back in a way that can most benefit the cause of their choice, as well as your corporate culture. A workplace giving campaign with CARE can allow you to meet your corporate social responsibility and philanthropy goals while providing a meaningful opportunity for employee engagement.

Your generous support will help CARE improve basic education, prevent the spread of disease, increase access to clean water and sanitation, expand economic opportunity and deliver emergency aid to survivors of natural disasters and conflicts.

Corporate Matching

Multiply the impact of your gift! Thanks to the generosity of hundreds of CARE’s corporate partners, many employees have the option of doubling or even tripling their donation to CARE through corporate matching gift programs. See if your company matches charitable donations!

Expertise Sharing

The expertise of a corporate partner can be leveraged to help CARE overcome the challenges of working in remote areas of developing countries such as supply chain, transportation and communications; to foster innovation and new ideas; and to strengthen CARE staff capacity and programs. This invaluable support helps increase the efficacy and sustainability of CARE’s programs. Our long term-partner, Export Development Canada is a great example of how value can be created through expertise sharing and employee secondment.

Watch this short video about our long term-partner, Export Development Canada, that highlights the value that can be created through expertise sharing and employee secondment.

Bring Girl Rising to Your Workplace

Over the past two years, CARE has developed a close partnership with 10×10, a global action campaign to educate and empower girls. At the centre of the campaign is a feature film, Girl Rising, which highlights the types of challenges girls in CARE’s educational programs face.

CARE will work with you to create an employee engagement campaign or activity which uses the film to educate and inspire your employees.

Interested in learning more about employee engagement opportunities? Please contact partners@care.ca