One year after the Beirut explosion and Lebanon faces economic implosion

Beirut, July 28, 2021- One year after the Beirut blast, Lebanon continues to sink into poverty and its capital has still not been fully rebuilt, despite the support provided by the international community. Supermarket shelves across the country are empty, and where groceries are available, the cost of food has soared by 700% over the past two years and 50% in less than a month.

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Lebanon: “We survived, but we’re not okay”

CARE is working on the ground in Lebanon to provide emergency relief services for those affected by the large explosion in Beirut that occurred on August 4th. The devastation and shattered buildings seen here were photographed on August 7, 2020.

One week after the devastating blast that shook Beirut to its core and destroyed half the city, the shock wave is not done ripping through the hearts and souls of those who witnessed the single largest explosion in peacetime history.

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