Unlikely (and amazing!) travel destinations

Chyulu Hills, Kenya. Photo: Sho Hatakeyama

CARE works in over 94 countries around the world, which makes for some very knowledgeable and well-traveled staff! We asked colleagues from our local offices to recommend some must-see places in the countries they work in, and to maybe even inspire you when you’re planning your next trip.

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Migration Challenges and Opportunities for Canada in the 21st Century

Remarks by: Simran Singh, Senior Humanitarian and Gender Advisor, CARE Canada Shaughn McArthur, Policy and Influence Lead, CARE Canada Delivered to House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration [Simran Singh] CARE Canada is honoured to contribute to the Committee’s deliberations. CARE is a rights-based, international non-governmental organization. We support life-saving humanitarian assistance, peacebuilding,…

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