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Archive for May 2018

Becoming a mother for the first time: Sina’s story

In Cambodia, many women used to deliver their children at home with traditional birth attendants—women within their community with no formal medical training. If women don’t have access to quality medical care, it can increase the risks for mother and baby and lead to tragic consequences. But this is now changing. Meet Sina. She is…

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How radio is helping Cambodian mothers keep their babies healthy

Imagine you are pregnant. You want to find out information about pregnancy, labour and keeping your baby healthy. But all of the information you find is written in a language you don’t understand. What do you do? This is the situation for many women in remote parts of Cambodia where ethnic minority communities speak their…

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OPINION – Women and the forgotten emergency response

Fatima is nine-months pregnant. It is her first pregnancy since she miscarried while fleeing Boko Haram late one night more than a year ago in northern Nigeria. She’s safe now and recently learned of a nearby maternal health clinic. It’s the first time she’s ever received antenatal care, including regular check-ups, free medicine and a…

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Catherine Clark: What Mother’s Day means to me

By Catherine Clark, CARE Canada board member My mother has always been a seminal influence in my life – strong, courageous, intelligent and committed to a better world – she set an example for me from a young age that complacency in the face of injustice was simply not an option. I had the opportunity to…

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Kindness and humanity, horror and sorrow: Supporting refugees in Uganda

By Thomas Markert, a German engineer who visited CARE’s programs in Uganda During the past few weeks, I visited CARE’s programs in Uganda. I have spent many hours talking to refugees who have fled the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). They have told me stories of how they had to leave their homes with nothing…

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CARE Warns Hundreds of Thousands of Myanmar Refugees are at Risk of Landslides and Flooding from Monsoon

(DHAKA, Bangladesh) — Heavy rains in Bangladesh threaten the lives of thousands of Myanmar refugees in Cox’s Bazar, the world’s largest refugee settlement, leaving them vulnerable to landslides and flooding. Global humanitarian organization CARE is helping mitigate the risk with shelter, infrastructure, sanitation and health services. The first downpour has already foreshadowed a major disaster.…

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