Nigeria: Salma’s story of survival

Nigeria – Five years in a cage – The story of a girl who was kidnapped at 12 and held captive by Boko Haram

At 12 years old, Salma was abducted together with her two brothers from her hometown in Bama State, Nigeria. After losing her family, giving birth and fleeing from her captors, she now lives in a camp and receives support from CARE.

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15 Minutes on Forgotten Emergencies

In 2019, Ethiopia faced many challenges including conflict, drought, flooding, and livestock diseases. Around 200,000 people are estimated to have lost their homes and many are now living in camps. On this episode of 15 Minutes to Change the World, we hear the story of Almaz who shares her emotional story of loss and struggle and learn how you can use your voice to amplify the stories of women like Almaz.

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Emergencies over the last decade

The last decade has been no stranger to natural disasters. We wanted to look back at some of the life-changing disasters from the last ten years. Here are some (of many) of the disasters from the last decade that rocked countries around the world.

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Hope grown: Seeds and tools help farmers in Mozambique

Village close to Funhalouro district, in the southeast of Mozambique. CARE is distributing drought-resistant seeds, which include sorghum, cowpea, ground nuts, pineapple seedlings, maize and millet, including tools such as a hoe, an axe and a machete to more than 47,000 small scale farmers.

Every day, farmers in Mozambique—many of them women—are faced with the challenges of the country´s extreme weather. With a bit of rain and some drought resistant seeds and tools from CARE, people are better able to cope with the extreme climate.

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