Improving education in Yemen through community dialogue

Al-Hareth school, one of the schools that held community dialogues to discuss quality of education at public schools in Yemen.

The education sector in Yemen has been badly affected by teachers’ absences, and school hours were reduced even before COVID-19. CARE is supporting schools in Yemen with awareness-raising programs and facilitates community dialogue as a part of the response to improve the education system and to support students to return to school.

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15 Minutes on Investing in Women

On this episode of 15 Minutes to Change the World, we speak with Beth Woroniuk – Policy Lead at Equality Fund. Beth highlights the long lasting impact that comes from investing in women and how COVID-19 threatens the progress that has been made towards equality around the world.

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Lebanon: “We survived, but we’re not okay”

CARE is working on the ground in Lebanon to provide emergency relief services for those affected by the large explosion in Beirut that occurred on August 4th. The devastation and shattered buildings seen here were photographed on August 7, 2020.

One week after the devastating blast that shook Beirut to its core and destroyed half the city, the shock wave is not done ripping through the hearts and souls of those who witnessed the single largest explosion in peacetime history.

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Lebanon Crisis in photos: CARE’s teams in action

CARE is working with local partners to focus on immediate life-saving aid in the form or food parcels, cash, psycho-social support, and hygiene materials

On August 7, 2020, CARE, in coordination with local partners, began distributing food packages and hot meals to help those who are struggling most in the aftermath of the blast such as women and girls who make up around 60% of those affected.

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