Are you passionate about making positive changes in the lives of women, girls, and their families in the developing world? Do you want to inspire others to help eliminate global poverty? Are you looking to volunteer with one of Canada’s most respected international development and humanitarian agencies?


If you answered yes to the above questions, Councils for CARE Canada could be for you! Councils for CARE Canada are diverse groups of passionate people who come together to raise awareness and support for CARE projects, while learning about the cause and sharing a sense of solidarity with the women and communities they are helping.

The movement started in 2011 and each council has its own unique feel, with their own initiatives, events and goals. Members volunteer their time and their expertise because they are passionate about empowering other women and girls.

The energetic awareness building and fundraising efforts of these volunteers are an invaluable asset for CARE Canada. Each council “adopts” a CARE project that they have the opportunity to learn about, raise funds for, and even visit.

Currently the Vancouver council has adopted the Malawi and Zambia portions, respectively, of the Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies project which gives moms, families, and health providers the tools they need to stop malnutrition.

Why should I join a Council for CARE Canada?

You will have the opportunity to join, learn from, and work with like-minded women with diverse backgrounds who believe that supporting and empowering women in developing countries matters.

Since each council adopts a specific program, you will learn how your efforts and donations have a direct impact through specific program updates from the field, opportunities to learn from CARE staff, and a potential field visit to see your support in action.

What’s involved in being a Council member?

As a council member you’ll learn about CARE’s work and have the opportunity to engage others. By using your skills and engaging your networks you’ll help build awareness and raise funds for CARE’s work

Councils hold at least two meetings a year and you are encouraged to attend these as this is where the group will discuss objectives, pick a project to support, celebrate successes, and plan the activities the Council will undertake over the coming year. It’s also a chance to get to know your fellow Council members—women who share your interests in empowering women and girls and inspire others to get involved.

In addition to semi-annual business meetings, Councils also organize learning events, book clubs, and other initiatives that bring Council members together around their common interests.

The main fundraiser of the existing Councils is the annual Walk In Her Shoes event which takes place in March. All council members are involved with this event as participants, as volunteers, or by engaging your friends, family, workplace, and social networks to get involved.

Members make a financial donation based on individual ability to give. Every dollar raised is matched 10:1 by the Government of Canada!

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You will have the opportunity to join various working committees within the Council based on your interests and skills.

We ask all members to promote CARE and our programs/events through their personal networks: through social media, speaking engagements, corporate and workplace networking and more.

Council Leadership


Barbara Ross-Denroche - Chair
Kelsey Dunwoodie - Vice Chair
Joanne Gassman - Past Chair
Dr. Martha Piper & Laura Edwards - Founding Chairs

For more information, contact Danielle Semple at


Andrew Bentley - Co-Chair
Gail Black - Co-Chair

For more information, contact Sara Lewis at