Donating publicly-listed stocks and securities is a cost effective and easy way to increase the impact of your gift and provide lasting change in the lives of vulnerable women, girls and their families in developing countries around the world.

When you donate stocks and securities you receive a double tax benefit—you receive a charitable tax receipt for your gift, and you eliminate the capital gains tax on your appreciated stocks and securities.

The Benefits

1. Simple and convenient. Stocks and securities are easy to transfer. Your broker transfers the shares from your account directly to CARE Canada’s brokerage account

2. Eliminate capital gains tax. When you donate stocks and securities to CARE Canada, your capital gains tax is eliminated

How it Works

The most effective and easiest way to donate stocks and securities to CARE Canada is to transfer the shares electronically from your brokerage account.

To make a donation of stocks and securities download our Transfer Form, follow the instructions and send it to You can also call 1-800-267-5232 if you have any questions.

Once we receive the transfer of your stocks and securities, a charitable tax receipt will be issued to you for the fair market value. The fair market value is dependent on the closing price for when the gift has been received.