Emergency Relief and Preparedness Partnerships

Our Emergency Partners’ support is invaluable to building lasting solutions to poverty. With their commitment, CARE prepares for and responds to emergencies around the world.

The cumulative effects of climate change, rapid urbanization, over-utilization of lands, conflict, and political instability have resulted in a growing number of global catastrophes. As populations increase and natural resources dwindle, disasters increasingly affect the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. Around the world, more than 2 billion people live on less than $2 (USD) a day and have no cushion to survive a major disaster, let alone prepare for potential future crises.

The support provided by emergency partners allows us to provide lifesaving assistance, as well as the tools for long-term rehabilitation, to survivors of natural disasters, conflict, and other emergencies. CARE responds to an average of six major emergencies at any given time across the globe, in addition to many other smaller crises. We are often the first to arrive and the last to leave. We help communities create plans to deal with emergencies, and provide people in need with food, water, shelter, healthcare and other emergency relief supplies when they need them the most.

How to Partner with CARE in an Emergency

  • Support the CARE Emergency Response Fund annually so that CARE has the resources available to both prepare for and respond quickly to major crises.
  • Support an emergency with a corporate gift in the wake of a disaster, ensuring the relief efforts can be sustained as needed.
  • Hold a workplace giving campaign with your employee base. CARE will provide you with regular updates on what impact your contributions are having and on the progress of our emergency response to share with employees.
  • Place a CARE banner on your website to drive consumers to our donation page. A unique banner can be provided to track how much consumers have donated.
  • Consider an add-a-donation at-register promotion specifically for relief & recovery efforts in the country affected, leveraging your consumer base.

Interested in learning more about employee engagement opportunities? Please contact partners@care.ca