At CARE, we're lucky to have a diverse group of experts in many different fields of knowledge and practice, from gender and empowerment to food security to emergencies. Here are some of our subject matter experts who put their skills to use to help lift communities out of poverty and out of crisis and end inequality around the world.

To arrange an interview with any of our subject matter experts, please contact:

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Barbara Grantham

Barbara Grantham

President and CEO

Barbara Grantham has 30 years’ experience as a successful senior executive and consultant in the philanthropic, non-profit and public sectors, across BC and nationally.

She has held executive positions with some of Canada’s foremost non-profit organizations, including the VGH Hospital Foundation, the Canadian Mental Health Association, Vancouver Foundation and the Streetohome Foundation. She also established and ran her own highly successful consulting practice, developing strong expertise in nonprofit governance, philanthropy, and the role of the nonprofit sector in modern society. She holds a BA degree from Queen’s University and a Master’s in Public Administration from Carleton University.

As a parent, feminist and long-time leader in Canada’s nonprofit sector, Barbara is passionate about creating a more equal world and the role of nonprofit/civil society organizations in creating a better world for all. More >>

Jessie Thomson

Jessie Thomson

Vice President, Strategic Planning (Interim)
Areas of expertise: International humanitarian assistance, refugees, internally displaced persons

Jessie holds a Masters of Science in International Development with a focus in forced migration, from the London School of Economics. With over 16 years of experience, Jessie has worked with UNHCR, ICRC and the Government of Canada. She started at CARE as a full time deployable member of the humanitarian team and now, as Vice-President of Strategic Planning, is leading the development of CARE Canada’s next strategic plan.

Jessie is a feminist, a champion for gender equality and is a passionate advocate for refugees. She started working with refugees through the WUSC Student Refugee Program at the University of Toronto, which inspired her passion for protection and assistance of people forced to flee their homes. More >>

Simran Singh

Simran Singh

Director, Global Programs
Areas of expertise: Emergencies, women and girls, gender in emergencies

Simran has nearly 15 years of experience in the humanitarian and development sector. As a child of immigrants and a woman of colour, she has been keenly aware of how her upbringing has shaped the way she views the world and it has motivated her to focus her career on supporting women and girls in emergencies.

Currently at CARE, Simran manages our Global Programs team. She's also led CARE Canada's Technical, Advocacy and Policy team as well as the Humanitarian Program team and was previously the Senior Gender and Humanitarian Technical Advisor. Prior to CARE, Simran worked for the British and Canadian governments as well as the UN Refugee Agency. More >>

Rebecca Davidson, Head of Global Health

Rebecca Davidson

Head of Global Health Programming
Areas of expertise: Health program management and design, global health, human rights systems

Rebecca has a Masters in International Development with a specialization in Health and Human Rights. She has worked in international development for over 15 years and has a passion for improving access to quality health care in areas where resources are scarce.

She has experience implementing and overseeing health programs across Sub-Saharan Africa.  Rebecca manages the Global Heath Team at CARE Canada which currently supports health programming in seven countries, with a strong focus on sexual reproductive health and rights. More >>

Maxime Michel

Maxime Michel

Head of Humanitarian and Resilience Programming
Areas of expertise: Humanitarian assistance, gender in emergencies

Maxime is a passionate feminist who has worked in the humanitarian sector for more than 10 years. She holds an undergraduate degree in International Development & Globalization from the University of Ottawa.

With years of on-the-ground experience during crises such as the 2012 Sahel drought, the 2015 Syrian refugee crisis, the Lac Chad basin complex emergency, among many others, she currently leads humanitarian programming in some of the most challenging contexts around the world.

Prior to CARE, Maxime worked with Oxfam Canada, Oxfam-Québec, the Humanitarian Coalition, as well as multiple government departments dealing with development assistance, foreign affairs and international relations. More >>

Gregory Spira

Gregory Spira

Head of Gender, Food and Climate Justice Programming
Areas of expertise: Gender equality, food security, climate change, markets, entrepreneurship, social enterprise, mining and natural resources, dialogue

Gregory is a feminist change agent with 15 years of experience in dialogue and development sectors, with a focus on food security, agriculture, markets and climate change. Holding a Masters in Professional Communications, with a focus on communication for social change, Greg is passionate about collaboration and building partnerships that bridge traditional divides between public, private and NGOs sectors. He leads CARE Canada's team supporting women's voice and leadership, market transformation, food security and resilience to climate change.

Gregory has led and inspired teams in over 15 countries in Latin America, the Middle East, Asia as well as West, East and North Africa. Prior to joining CARE Canada, he held Monitoring and Evaluation and Communication for Development roles overseas, served as a community engagement consultant in Canada and co-founded a social enterprise. More >>

Shaughn McArthur

Shaughn McArthur

Policy and Influence Lead
Areas of expertise: Advocacy, climate adaption, humanitarian policy

Shaughn is a policy analyst, social justice advocate and political communicator. Prior to joining CARE in 2015 to establish and lead the organization’s advocacy and influencing strategies, Shaughn worked at the Senate of Canada.

Shaughn holds a Master of Public Policy from the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, and a Bachelor's  degree in Communications and Journalism from Concordia University in Montreal.  His political commentary and academic work has been published in Canada, Europe and Asia. More >>

Melanie Murphy

Melanie Murphy

Safety and Security Lead
Areas of expertise: Safety and Security Management, Safeguarding, Training-Curriculum Development and Facilitation

Melanie Murphy has 16 years’ experience working in the international humanitarian aid sector. As the Safety and Security Lead for CARE Canada, she supports the safety and security needs of CARE staff working around the world providing humanitarian aid in highly insecure locations. Her role also provides oversight for CARE Canada’s safeguarding work, to prevent and respond to sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse. Prior to moving to Ottawa in 2012, she spent 7 years working internationally for humanitarian and development organizations in Sudan, South Sudan, Sierra Leone, Malawi, India, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. In these locations she held roles in camp management; program management; program support; grant writing; and country office leadership.

Melanie sits on the Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity Greater Ottawa and she is a volunteer with the Ottawa Search and Rescue Volunteer Team where she is an operational searcher and a member of the Incident Management Team. She holds an MA in Conflict Studies and a Post-Graduate Diploma in International Project Management. More >>

Ramzi Saliba

Ramzi Saliba

Humanitarian Program Manager
Areas of expertise: Infectious diseases, disaster management, humanitarian assistance

Ramzi holds a Master's degree in Infectious Diseases and Vaccines from Université François Rabelais, in France and a professional diploma in Humanitarian Assistance from the Liverpool School for Tropical Medicine in the UK.

He previously worked in virology research before moving into emergency management in 2012.

He has managed emergency response operations in Syria, the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Guinea, and worked on preparedness and Disaster Risk Reduction projects in the Middle East and North Africa.

Ramzi moved to Canada in 2017 and manages the Middle East and Latin America portfolios with CARE Canada. More >>

Nicole Tobin

Nicole Tobin

Program Manager, Women’s Empowerment and Rights
Ares of expertise: Women's Voice and Leadership, women's right organizations (Kenya & South Sudan), women's rights

Nicole manages CARE’s Women’s Voice and Leadership programs in Kenya and South Sudan. These programs strengthen the capacity of more than 140 women’s rights organizations and networks to advance gender rights and equality for vulnerable groups.

She uses a feminist participatory approach while working in solidarity with women's rights organizations and movements to optimize their success. She is passionate about creating a more equal world and believes that women and girls are at the centre of making that a reality.

Emily Wiseman, Senior Gender Advisor

Emily Wiseman

Senior Gender Advisor
Ares of expertise: Gender Equality, Feminist Policy and Programming, Inclusion, Gender Analysis, gender equality needs in natural disasters, education and migration

Emily holds a PhD in International Studies with a strong focus on gender policy and programming. Throughout her career, Emily has worked with several NGOs focusing on gender equality and women’s rights. She has also worked within academia, the Government of Canada, and the International Organization for Migration.

A feminist and champion for gender equality, Emily joined CARE Canada in 2019 as Senior Gender Equality Advisor. At CARE Canada, Emily provides technical guidance and support to international programs such as the Women's Voice and Leadership Projects in Kenya and South Sudan, advances the implementation of our Gender Equality Policy and promotes the application of tools such as CARE's Gender Marker. More >>