Violence in Yemen has created the most severe humanitarian crisis in the world.

As fighting and airstrikes continue, 24 million people are in desperate need of help.

The country is facing a triple-threat:

First, the currency is out of control, making basic goods like food or medicine too expensive or hard to find.

Second, unclean water and limited access for health workers have triggered a cholera outbreak with over a million cases and 2,500 deaths since April 2017.

Finally, millions of people are on the verge of famine. Right now, women and children are already dying from malnutrition in Yemen and CARE fears the situation could grow far worse.


CARE is providing desperately-needed help including food, clean water, emergency relief items and cash assistance so people can buy what they need.

We know women and girls face increased risk in times of conflict. This is why we place a special focus on their specific needs, while also ensuring women get a chance to speak up and be heard. For example, hygiene kits contain sanitary items for women. CARE is also providing sexual and reproductive health support for pregnant women and new mothers.

The ongoing violence is making humanitarian access to those most in need extremely challenging, and CARE continues to call on all parties to the conflict and the international community to prioritize the access and delivery of life-saving supplies to the affected people in Yemen.

Urgent action is needed right now to end the suffering of millions of people. This human tragedy must come to an immediate end.