After more than six years of war, Yemen remains the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. More than 20 million people (66 % of the population) are estimated to need humanitarian assistance in 2021; 12.1 million people of whom are estimated to be in acute need.

A collapsing economy and often non-existent public services mean that millions struggle to access food, water, education and healthcare. This dire situation has been exacerbated by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The situation for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Yemen continues to be challenging. More than 4 million people have been displaced since 2015. The majority of IDPs have been displaced for more than two years, and in many cases multiple times.

Torrential rains and flooding swept large areas of Yemen between mid-April and the first week of May, damaging infrastructure, as well as destroying shelters and causing deaths and injuries.


Across 14 governorates in Yemen, CARE provides water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services including water trucking and hygiene kits. CARE works with communities on hygiene promotion to prevent the spread of deadly diseases like cholera and COVID-19.

We support women’s economic empowerment by improving their access to financial means, providing equipment, technical advice and training so they can set up small businesses.

We distribute food, cash and vouchers, enabling people to buy essential supplies for their families.

We work in reproductive health to train and equip midwives, rehabilitate maternity wards and provide home delivery kits.

CARE empowers young people with education and vocational training to provide them opportunities.